If my work remains focused on colour, it’s because there seems no other choice for me. This is what I take most pleasure in and always have, and it is this delight in colour that I hope to communicate to others. Very often too, I am seeking a balance between abstraction and figuration. Subject matter or inspirational ideas are based on locations; this may also include their poetry or literature, even the surrounding architecture. Disorderly? But perhaps disorder is the new order?


The physical limitations of the last several years keep everything I work on small. The media tends to be what is possible. Acrylic paint suits me; I can combine it with collage, work on canvas or paper. As Picasso says, ‘Inspiration is there, but it has to find you working.'


I particularly love Braque and Picasso, but also the painters Jean-Etienne Liotard and Piero Della Francesco.


Maurice Denis reminds us, ‘We are the inheritors of a visual legacy that cannot be ignored- and that is how our personal approach develops.’

Nevertheless to me it is the inner impulse which is the urge that leads me to work and develop.

 June Lisle January 2018